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Competitive Wisconsin, Inc.

Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. (CWI) is a unique non-partisan coalition that engages business, education, agriculture and labor in strategic collaborations dedicated to strengthening and growing the Wisconsin economy.

CWI was founded in 1981 and for more than thirty years has engaged in powerful strategic analysis of Wisconsin’s economic challenges and opportunities. We do so as skilled business leaders, institutional managers and policy experts dedicated to identifying and advocating for policies and activities that will support the retention and creation of family-supporting jobs, sustain prosperity and protect and enhance Wisconsin’s quality of life.


CWI Leadership

Competitive Wisconsin is governed by an elected Board of Directors. 


CWI Board of Directors

Mr. Jim Buchheim, Vice President Communications
American Family Insurance

Ms. Aimee Jo Castleberry, Vice President Human Resources
Seneca Foods Corporation
Mr. Jerry Deschane, Executive Director
League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Mr. Mark O'Connell, Executive Director
Wisconsin Counties Association
Mr. Mark Rose, Chief Executive Officer
Discover Mediaworks, Inc.

Mr. Tim Sullivan, CEO
REV Group, Inc.
Mr. Michael Theo, President
Wisconsin REALTORS® Association

Membership Engagement Oppotunities

CWI members come from different environments -  a variety of different business, labor, academic, and institutional communities – but share a desire to play a hands on role in getting things done. Recognizing the value of tapping into member expertise and energy, CWI provides a wide range of engagement opportunities that allow members to participate in different activities or to drill down in one or more areas. 

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Competitive Wisconsin is always looking for forward thinking leaders to help us achieve our mission. Please take a moment to learn more about the benefits of joining our organization.
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The BE BOLD Council identifies the topic, frames the research protocol, and oversees the work of the BE BOLD initiatives. It’s exciting and important work. Please think about joining us.
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