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Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. (CWI) has been one of Wisconsin's most important voices on economic development for more than 30 years. Consider some of the benefits of your organization joining CWI today.

CWI tackles challenges and pursues opportunities that matter. 

For more than three decades, CWI has engaged in powerful strategic analysis of Wisconsin’s economic challenges and opportunities. We do so as skilled business leaders, institutional managers and policy experts dedicated to identifying and advocating for policies and activities that will protect and improve Wisconsin’s competitive position in the global economy. 

CWI’s work makes a difference. 

Over the years, CWI has played a role in advancing major policy recommendations affecting tax, education, workforce development and governmental organization policies. Most recently, CWI’s BE BOLD initiatives produced major recommendations that led to the reorganization of the state’s economic development efforts and the creation of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation; helped focus legislative attention on the need for more investment capital; increased media and public understanding of the importance of clusters and the entrepreneurial community; and spurred significant reorganizational, administrative and funding improvements in Wisconsin’s workforce and talent development efforts. 

CWI welcomes leaders and encourages member engagement. 

CWI members come from different environments — a variety of different business, labor, academic and institutional communities but share a desire to play a hands-on role in getting things done. Recognizing the value of tapping into member expertise and energy, CWI provides a wide range of engagement opportunities that allow members to participate in a number of different activities or to drill down in one or more areas. Engagement opportunities include board meetings; economic summits; issue briefings and discussions; research development and oversight; and Pints n’ Policy meetings with opinion leaders, experts and policy makers, just to mention a few. 

CWI’s BE BOLD III will chart new waters. 

BE BOLD I produced the first comprehensive economic development strategy in more than a generation. BE BOLD II, in partnership with ManpowerGroup, sparked a rethinking of the challenges and opportunities confronting the state in addressing its short-term skill gaps and its long-term needs for a more strategic and comprehensive approach to workforce and talent development. BE BOLD III is now focusing on identifying and understanding how to turbo-charge existing robust economic performance in order to “Grow jobs and wealth faster by enhancing and energizing the links between high-performance behavior and high positive-impact collaborative strategies and governmental practices.” 

CWI’s efforts are complementary. 

CWI is not a traditional membership organization. We don’t represent a single industry or profession. We don’t provide member benefits like insurance. And, while we enjoy listening to and working with our members, they and we realize we have come together to build a stronger Wisconsin economy. In that role, CWI relies on and, in turn, complements the work being done by the traditional organizations. 

CWI works with experienced professionals. 

CWI’s executive director is William McCoshen, the managing partner of Capitol Consultants. Bill is a former secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and also served as Governor Tommy Thompson’s chief of staff. Jim Wood serves as strategic council to both CWI and to the BE BOLD Council. Jim is currently president of Wood Communications Group. He was Governor Patrick J. Lucey’s executive assistant and served as deputy secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration prior to founding Wood Communications Group in 1984. 

CWI’s membership is diverse. 

Competitive Wisconsin's diverse membership covers Wisconsin's major economic contributors including Business members, Institutional members, Labor members, and Association members.

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