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BE BOLD Council members benefit from participating in a proven, successful research, communication and strategic planning protocol that produces groundbreaking economic policy and strengthens Wisconsin’s competitive ability. BE BOLD Council members have a significant voice.

CWI, established in 1981, launched the first BE BOLD process in 2010 with a goal of broadening and enhancing CWI’s long-standing research initiatives and providing opportunities for community and stakeholder engagement. CWI developed critical operational enhancements that now hallmark the BE BOLD initiatives, including: a series of regional briefings and economic summits and the creation of a BE BOLD Strategic Planning Group to assist in the development of strategic recommendations.

Throughout every step of the process, BE BOLD Council members are involved and contributing to the conversation and the development of policy recommendations.

The results of the expanded protocols have been astounding! The BE BOLD dynamic produces an unusually high level of stakeholder and institutional engagement. More than 100 businesses, educational organizations, local government entities, and regional economic development agencies have participated in the Strategic Planning Groups. In 2015, more than 400 participated in one of the more than a dozen BE BOLD III briefings across the state.

Efforts are ongoing to add power to the voice of BE BOLD Council members. Dedicated to making the opinions and insights of Wisconsin’s corporate association and philanthropic leaders a central part of the BE BOLD effort, CWI leadership developed: 1) the BE BOLD Council; 2) held BE BOLD Council meetings structured around the BE BOLD topic and research and consistently includes significant interaction with Wisconsin policy makers and top elected officials; 3) designated positions for BE BOLD Council members on the BE BOLD Executive Committee and Advisory Board; and 4) will provide featured roles for members of the BE BOLD Council during the 2016 economic summit series.

BE BOLD Council members have a strong voice that comes from a dynamic research and participatory strategic process.

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