June 03, 2023

WI Tomorrow: Early Care & Education Context Resources



Early Care & Education Challenges in Wisconsin and the 7 Rivers Alliance Region 


 A Closer Look at the Early Care and Education Challenges in the 7 Rivers Region

American Recovery Plan Act Summit: Focus on Early Care and Education (La Crosse Focus)

Raising Wisconsin: The Power of Community to Support Child Care (WECA/Raising Wisconsin Summit 4/5/22) 


Bold Ideas: Investing in Early Childhood Development as a Recruitment & Retention Strategy


Business Leaders Supporting Childcare (Ready Nation - View Full Article Here)



Childcare in Rural Wisconsin: Unique Challenges & Solutions (WECA)


1. Want to Strengthen Wisconsin's Economy? Fix the Childcare Crisis (Ready Nation Council for a Strong America)

2. Sheboygan County - American Rescue Plan Act Funds (ARPA) – Childcare Taskforce

3. The American Rescue Plan: Recommendations for Addressing Early Educator Compensation and Supports (THE CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF CHILD CARE EMPLOYMENT (CSCCE) UC Berkley)

4. Organic Valley CROPP & Childcare: Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study Overview (2019 Presentation to 7 Rivers Alliance)

5. The Effects of Investing in Early Education on Economic Growth - Brookings

6. Invest in Early Childhood Development: Reduce Deficits, Strengthen the Economy - The Heckman Equation

7. INVEST IN A STRONG START FOR CHILDREN (The Center for High Impact Philanthropy - University of Pennsylvania)

8. Female Labor Force Participation Is Key to Our Economic Recovery (Ready Nation)

9. Illinois Commission on Equitable Early Childhood Education and Care Funding


1. Childcare Is a Business Issue (Harvard Business Review)

2. Transforming the Financing of Early Childhood Education: A Statement from the National Power to the Profession Task Force (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

3. Business Leaders Supporting Childcare (Ready Nation) 

4. COVID Brought Attention To Early Childhood Education. Here’s How Investors Are Responding. (EdSurge)

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