Be Bold Background

bb logoCompetitive Wisconsin, Inc.’s (CWI) BE BOLD initiative is a strategic research and public information and outreach process dedicated to improving Wisconsin’s ability to grow jobs, create wealth and strengthen its economy.

The BE BOLD initiative was started in 2010 when CWI commissioned a Deloitte assessment of Wisconsin’s competitive position that served as the foundation for the development of the critically acclaimed comprehensive economic development strategy, Wisconsin: Blueprint for Prosperity.

In 2012, BE BOLD II collaborated with ManpowerGroup to enhance understanding of the critical workforce and talent development challenges separating Wisconsin workers from the jobs and careers they need and threatening the state’s ability to retain and attract employers. (Growing Wisconsin’s Talent Pool).

Having crafted a broad, viable strategic vision and providing critical guidance on the state’s number one economic challenge, BE BOLD III is now examining more closely what is producing jobs and wealth in America, what those phenomena look like in Wisconsin and what government, employers, educators, workers and citizens can do to turbo-charge the economic activities already producing real jobs and wealth in Wisconsin. (Accelerate Wisconsin!)

The BE BOLD process now involves eight specific steps, all of which are overseen and guided by the CWI Board and the BE BOLD Council, a volunteer, contribution-based sub-set of the CWI membership.

Step 1 – Selection of the BE BOLD issue or topic.

This step involves: a) the identification of possible options, normally developed on the basis of contemporary need, urgency and/or opportunity; b) Board and Council discussion and research; c) determination of priorities and narrowing of options; d) selection of a specific option; e) discussion and delineation of objectives; f) discussion and delineation of preferred research methodology; and g) approval of topic, objectives and methodological approach by the Council and the Board.

Step 2 – Execution of the designated research by recognized professionals.

Step 3 – Initial briefings for business leaders, economic development professionals, policymakers, news media and other regional opinion leaders.

Step 4 – Draft, edit and produce the initial BE BOLD report.

Step 5 - Convene and engage the BE BOLD Strategic Planning Group.

Step 6 – Convene and manage the Wisconsin Economic Summit Series.

Once the research report is completed and the process of identifying BE BOLD policy recommendations is underway CWI convenes and manages the Wisconsin Economic Summit Series, a series of three conferences dedicated to informing opinion leaders, the news media and the general public about the research and recommendations and to providing them with an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and concerns about the information. The BE BOLD I and II Summit Series were co-hosted by the University of Wisconsin System and the Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable.

Step 7 – Prepare the final report.

Step 8 – Brief elected officials, policymakers and regulators.