Be Bold 2 – Focusing on Jobs

Competitive Wisconsin, Inc. has launched a new BE BOLD focus on jobs and Wisconsin’s work force training and development challenges and opportunities. Like BE BOLD 1, BE BOLD 2  has commenced with a major research effort undertaken by a nationally recognized firm overseen by a committee of business, labor, academic and civic leaders and a bi-partisan representation of elected officials and state policymakers. As with BE BOLD 1, BE BOLD 2 will also include a parallel statewide strategic planning and public outreach effort dedicated to building on the research findings and recommendations. The study and public outreach began this summer with regional college campus briefings across the state. The briefings are providing an opportunity for regional workforce development stakeholders to learn more about statewide initiatives focused on work force development and skills training; the Be Bold 2 study; and current regional efforts, challenges and opportunities within local work forces. A current list of scheduled briefings is available here: 2012 Campus Briefings Schedule.

Current plans call for the study to continue through the summer, with a final report due around Labor Day 2012, and the work culminating with three, 2012 Wisconsin Economic Summits on Jobs and Workforce Development in various locations around the state in September, October and November.

Fundraising in support of this critical effort is underway. [NOTE: Please contact Scott VanderSanden, Bill McCoshen or Jim Wood, at, if you would like to help fund and/or participate in BE BOLD 2.]